Priscila Soares

Priscila Soares was born in São Paulo, Brazil where she graduated in Educational Arts. She then moved to San Francisco to study Film Editing at the Academy of Art University. She is now an artist with a talent in many mediums and disciplines. Her work has involved paintings, sculptures, comics, stop-motion, photography and design.

Priscila is a Mixed Media Social Activist artist who shares visual translations of the physical and emotional experience people with hearing loss have with sounds, communication and the world they live in. Her inspiration came from her own experiences of being hard of hearing since the age of 17 and coincidentally having her a son who was diagnosed deaf at birth. She became passionate to bring her own life experiences to her work and cater to the deaf and hard of hearing community.

She has also done work related to motherhood, women empowerment and the power of self acceptance and the discovery of our true selves.

Her work is known to have a strong emotional element and each or her mixed media pieces are portraying a story of someone’s journey in life. Priscila hopes that her work will inspire people to honor their own uniqueness and at the same time realize that we can all relate to each other in our own human experiences.

Among many recognitions, Priscila has been featured on the NBC News Bay Area Proud, The Hearing Health Foundation Magazine and the Cover of the Times Herald Newspaper. Oticon Medical, one of the greatest global companies in hearing solutions has featured her as one of their advocates and purchased one of her pieces which now sits in their headquarters in New Jersey. She has also volunteered for the Magic Wheelchair Foundation by creating 100 hours of labour towards an epic costume for a boy in a wheelchair.

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