Karl Sutphin

 Karl is a photographer with experience in Portrait Photography, Fine Art Photography and Photography Education. Karl continues to refine his craft, art, vision, and photographic aesthetic by exploring new methods, tools, media, and genres.  Much of this exploration comes from his studies at the great photography program at Solano Community College.  While there, he has studied under great photographers including; Bloomfield, Victoria Heilweil, Beth Craven, Ron Zak, Rick Mariani, and Nick Pavlof.  Karl continues to explore new ways to create photographic arts and exploring incorporating alternative processes like cyanotypes, gel transfers, incorporating text, and other exciting new methods and materials.

For Karl, photography is his artistic outlet.  Whether it is a conceptual art series,  individualized lifestyle portraits, or whatever he captures, he will give the moment his complete attention to capture it with his unique vision.

Karl moved his Bay Area studio into the Mare Island Art Studios in Vallejo, CA in early 2016 and is very excited to be part of this exciting and diverse collective of the North Bay’s leading artists.


Instagram: @photowithmeaning

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