Sherry Tobin

 She wants her art to be fun, and to engage the imagination and creativity of other people.  Sherry’s art is accessible and energetic. It encourages a reaction from the viewer whether that response is amazement, amusement, or even just a smile. Sherry enjoys anonymous opportunities to observe reactions of people experiencing her work.

Sherry loves the opportunity to place her sculptures into settings beyond the gallery.  One of Sherry’s most renowned pieces is also her modus transportius.  She drives a bright red ladybug pickup truck, which is often towing a matching long-lashed ladybug trailer, the latter of which serves as a personally curated art gallery.

Sherry hopes her art stretches the mind of the observer to perceive what, to her, is the art in ordinary things. In addition, she looks to mundane objects to expand her own creativity. For example, Sherry really loves to use toilet flush knobs and salt and pepper shakers in her work.  She finds that they make perfect noses for sculptures.

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