Jean Cherie

JeanCherie spent thirty years sculpting for movies, television, animatronics, enlarging and duplicating fine art sculpture.

 Her love and ease with versatility comes from her early years working in Hollywood as a studio sculptor. Collaborating with production designers, art directors, engineers, directors, actors, and other sculptors helped to hone her skills while smoothing her ego. From tiny design maquettes for theme parks to huge prehistoric living rooms (The Flintstones), she has sculpted just about everything you can imagine, and a bunch you can’t!

The last fifteen years she has focussed on her own figurative fine art, mostly in ceramic, but also in bronze and stone.

JeanCherie is now living in Vallejo, CA where she is very active in the creative arts community.

In 2015, JeanCherie completed a large, six foot tall public cement sculpture of a mother and child which has been warmly embraced by the Vallejo community. 

Jean’s approach to portraiture and figurative sculpture:

“I am compelled to explore the depths of the human map, the persona, and the outer face and form which we present to the world. In so doing I hope to hold up a mirror which reflects the Soul and Spirit to the beholder.” 

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