Orna Pascal

A  Mary Oliver poem asks ‘what will you do with your one wild and precious life’?  Orna Pascal is doing as much art as she possibly can. Making things by hand is what she loves to do: baskets, quilts, textile constructions, collage, assemblage, drawing and painting.

Orna’s colorful greeting cards, magnets, journals and prints, resulting from a fortuitous combination of painted papers and hand lettered quotes (at one time sold throughout the country, and a few others also) are available at the studio and directly from her.

Quilt making has become a very important part of her life, and she is having a lot of fun exploring improvisational techniques. Orna is a member of a guild that is dedicated to social justice and service (East Bay Heritage Quilters). Working with and being encouraged and inspired by others who are also passionate about fabric is fun and fulfilling.

As a basket maker, Orna uses a variety of materials and textures, with a preference for simple shapes. She finds every single thing about making baskets to be a deeply profound spiritual practice and is grateful to be part of an ancient tradition which is much the same as it always was, at the same time constantly evolving. Orna is a member of Bay Area Basketmakers.

The process of transforming  materials with intention, time and skill into interesting, beautiful and useful objects is thrilling.


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