The Letting Go Experience

The Letting Go Experience


Sunday, July 16, 2023    
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Mare Island Art Studios
110 Pintado St., Vallejo, CA, 94592

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Come play with paper, paint, crayons, markers and other various materials in this collaborative project.

Do you want to get more in touch with your creativity?

I invite you to come make art in a safe environment, to surrender to the process of being in a state of flow, to embrace the unknown, the unexpected, the wonders of doing art without expectations or judgment.

How it works:

You are invited to let your inner child play. There will be papers placed all over our gallery walls. You will have lots of art supplies at your disposal. In each section, there will be a suggestion on a direction you can take with your art making. Suggestions will change depending on the Sunday you decide to visit, so come as often as you want and bring friends and family. All ages are welcome to join!

On the last day of this event everyone is invited to come back to see a curated selection of the final art pieces displayed on our gallery walls. The pieces will be offered as auction items and all proceeds from those sales will go towards helping Mare Island Art Studios.


Open on Sundays

June 4th to July 9th 12-4pm

Suggested Donation: $20 per person

Closing Reception

Sunday July 16th – 12pm-4pm

Mare Island Art Studios
110 Pintado St. Vallejo, CA


Behind this Project

For many years I lived in fear of not being good enough, and of my art not being good enough. I played it safe. As years went by, something within my soul was missing. I felt out of touch with my true self.

It was through the process of trusting myself and letting go of expectations that my inner self began to flourish.

Since then, I have facilitated workshops, retreats and classes, helping others do the same through somatic experiences, breathwork, movement, meditation and art supplies.

Now I invite you to join me in this debut project at the Mare Island Art Studios, a place where I work on my own art each week, where I get inspired by the wonderful scenery of the Napa River, where I exchange ideas and collaborate with a group of wonderful artists who also work there as well as many visitors. I hope I get to see you there too!

Priscila Soares

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