Holiday Bazaar Policies, Rules and Regulations


  1. All items sold must be handcrafted or handmade by the artist applicant!
  2. Resale of wholesale items (buy/sell) IS NOT permitted and will result in immediate dismissal without refund. No manufactured or imported items will be allowed.
  3. Any items of work not listed in the application, and/or not created by the exhibitor must be removed from the show. Mare Island Art Studios will prohibit the installation and operation of any exhibits not meeting its approval.
  4. Artist may NOT sell any items not approved in the application. Any artist displaying items not allowed will be asked to leave the bazaar without refunds and will forfeit being in future shows.

Booth Display & Set-up

  1. Check-in and set-up will be on Friday, December 13th, and Friday, December 20th, from 4 pm to 8 pm; and every day of the Holiday Bazaar (December 14, 15, 21 & 22 starting at 9:30 am). If you are only participating one day, the artists must breakdown after closing of business.
  2. Mare Island Art Studios will not be responsible in any way for loss or damage to participant’s property. Artists are responsible for their personal and property liability.
  3. Artists participating in both weekends WILL NOT have access to their booth during the week in between the shows.
  4. Artists must furnish their display table (not to exceed 6 ft), skirting, chairs, extension cords, lighting, etc. All displays must be designed, constructed, and operated in good taste.
  5. All displays, transactions, signage, and activities must be confined to exhibitor’s assigned space.
  6. Booths may not be sublet or shared with another exhibitor or artist.
  7. All booths must be set up and manned by 11 am on each morning of the
  8. All vehicles must be parked in artists applicant’s designated parking area
    by 10:45 am
  9. No booths will be allowed to breakdown prior to daily close of business.

Bazaar rules and regulations

Artists are solely responsible for collecting, reporting, and paying all taxes.

The building at Mare Island Art Studios does not have heating; we ask you dress according to the weather conditions because it may be cold inside the building.

Disruptive, rude, or disrespectful behavior toward other artists, volunteers, or patrons will not be tolerated.

Mare Island Art Studios reserves the right to remove or ban any person(s) who are not in compliance with the Holiday Bazaar rules and regulations.
We ask the artist to bring their lunch, there will be an assortment of baked holiday goods, but no food vendors will be onsite.

A submitted application constitutes a contract to follow all rules and regulations. It is a contract to participate, personally, if accepted. Any exhibitor not abiding by these rules set by the Mare Island Art Studios will forfeit their privilege to participate in the current and future shows. The Holiday Bazaar IS A RAIN OR SHINE EVENT!

I certify that the images submitted accurately depict applicant’s materials and that the contents are the sole work of the applicant. Additionally, I agree to release, hold harmless, and indemnify the Mare Island Art Studios from any responsibility, personal liability, loss, or damage in connection with the Holiday Bazaar.

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