Mare Island Art Studios Waiting List

There are currently no openings at MIAS and no estimate for when there will be an opening. In the very rare event that one of our artists leaves, we will contact everyone who has signed up here to see if you are still interested.

Mare Island Art Studios is a dynamic organization that takes a communal effort to keep going successfully. On top of creating art, we find great value in being part of the Mare Island Art Studios community and actively volunteering to help out in its existence.

Ways we contribute include:

  • Group event/show cleaning, preparation (patching & painting gallery walls, hanging art, putting out signs, etc.)
  • General maintenance – painting walls, making minor repairs, etc.
  • Proposing ideas for group shows
  • Getting permits, licenses ,etc.
  • [insert your idea here]
Art Studio Wait List

Sign up to get on the waiting list for a studio space at Mare Island Art Studios.

If you have a website or social media account that depicts your artwork, please enter the URL here.
Describe your needs and preferences: square feet, natural light, etc...
Maximum upload size: 8.39MB
Upload up to 10 images of your work, jpg or png preferred. Smaller images will upload faster. is a free resizing tool.
Maximum upload size: 8.39MB
If you have a relevent resume or artist statement you may upload it here.
Tips for successful file uploads:

  • Avoid using special characters like "ç" or "ã" or punctuation like "#' or '(' in your files names. Stick with plain numbers and letters.
  • Do not exceed 2MB in size for each file or 2000px wide for images . We don't need high-res print quality for the waitlist. Too many Very Large Files uploaded at once will overwhelm the server. is a free resizing tool.
  • If you get a white screen or do not see a "success" message, please try again with smaller of fewer files.

For technical support with the form, send an email to .

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