Katrena Edman

The Art of The Automobile

Katrena’s focus on vintage, classic and modern automobiles as “art” came about when two factors came together; a mostly male population in the high school art class she taught, and her newfound love of colored pencils.

Katrena had her students do a project of a cropped image of a classic car; a wheel, a fender, some feature of the car that was interesting. She did one too… and that small thing changed everything for her. Prior to this, she had no interest or knowledge of automobiles and no one was more surprised than her when she began to look at them as works of art; as sculpture. These cars captured ALL of the elements and principles of art: color, line, form and design. The colored pencils captured the beautiful form of these cars perfectly, and as she completed her own project, she began to look and think about these cars differently.

Katrena is now passionate about the “Art of Automobiles”. She has never looked back.

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